Lunette <3 summer

Summer is here! 

Don’t cancel your summer fun just because of your period: grab your cup and you are good- no- great to go!

With your Lunette cup you can go to the beach, take a swim, exercise, hike or go to a music festival worry-free, and do your summer right! Read more on our blog:

Heading to the beach? Don't forget your Lunette cup!

I went to a music festival on my period - and I survived!

How to clean your Lunette cup in public restroom - like a boss

Win a Lunette cup!

What’s in your bag? Take a picture of what’s in your summer bag and you might just win a Lunette cup package! Tag your picture with #summerlovin and #lunettecup and you are in! We will give away two packages that contain an awesome Lunette cup (pick your fave color and size), some handy Lunette Cupwipes, Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual cup cleanser and Lunette Moodsmooth Remedy oil. The winner will be picked on the 20th of June.